Sunday, September 25, 2011

Q: How to tell if you're middle of the road?

A: You get a percussionist to complement your drummer.

Whether you're hippie soul man Ben Harper, punk icon Joe Strummer or God-like guitar genius Eric Clapton - as soon you get some guy into to play chimes on your songs, any credibility you had is gone. Maybe Clapton needed a drummer AND a percussionist to replace Ginger Baker but it's still not cool. Unless you're some weird arse art band, you have no need for a percussionist...

What about Nick Cave you ask? Jim Sclavunos joined as a percussionist/drummer during Murder Ballads but this was immediately followed by Nick's least rocking album The Boatman's Call. Sure, there is certain percussive elements to the the Bad Seeds work but let's face it, Cave formed Grinderman to make music like the Bad Seeds used to make. Ain't no percussionist in Grinderman. Just saying...

Unless your music really needs it (like Sepultura), not a good move...


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  1. adding a percussionist is a poor excuse for not adding a second drummer, I suspect. Unless, and this is the only unless: you're in a Latin dance band. Then I'd say: more percussion, more percussion!