Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh David...

I claim dibs on writing a PhD on the cover of David Bowie's new record. I am not being facetious at all, I fucking love this thing. If you're a long time Bowie fan, you know his artwork as well is his music is very deliberate and if there is no bigger 'fuck you' aesthetic that defacing one of your most beloved creations by using Word Art (no photoshop required here). I mean, look at it, it's perfect. It's the artistic equivalent of saying "so you like my old stuff better... well, get the fuck off my lawn." Oh David, you old curmudgeon you.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Songs for the Sydney heat wave

So frickin' hot tonight. Here's a few heat themed songs to get us through the next few hours...

(Quick note: I was at that Big Day Concert).



It's about a thousand degrees in Sydney tonight so as I wait for the anticipated cool change some time after midnight (seriously, it's about 10:30pm and still 38 degrees), I've been stumbling from one music website to the next and just read David Bowie has a new album coming out. I've kind of wanted this for a while and hearing the new single, there is lovely rush in hearing that voice again. While I like the song, it is underwhelming but most people would probably argue the last great Bowie record was Let's Dance. But I've listened to it a few times now and while initially it seemed pretty clumsy, it's grown on me. I can't imagine anyone else would like it but that's ok, me and David go way back and I'm pretty forgiving...