Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's about a thousand degrees in Sydney tonight so as I wait for the anticipated cool change some time after midnight (seriously, it's about 10:30pm and still 38 degrees), I've been stumbling from one music website to the next and just read David Bowie has a new album coming out. I've kind of wanted this for a while and hearing the new single, there is lovely rush in hearing that voice again. While I like the song, it is underwhelming but most people would probably argue the last great Bowie record was Let's Dance. But I've listened to it a few times now and while initially it seemed pretty clumsy, it's grown on me. I can't imagine anyone else would like it but that's ok, me and David go way back and I'm pretty forgiving...



  1. you scooped me on this ( I was going to post very nearly the same thing when I got home after work) but seriously, I think it's a great track, and, having scoped out the itunes track list for the new album, it seems like Bowie really is back- I think we may be in for Diamond Dogs type Bowie, as opposed to Never Let me Down type Bowie. You can guess which side of that fence I'm on....

  2. If there is anyone (ANYONE!) sitting on the Never let me down side of the fence, they deserve a good kicking. I think my problem when I first heard it was that the lyrics felt so self consciously referential, like 'hey, everyone loves the Berlin records so here's a bunch of places in Berlin.' It felt kind of jarring even though he music and voice sound superb. I've since got over that and love it. We were talking about 2013 surprises, seems Mr Bowie has delivered the first and possibly best of the year.

  3. yeah, the berlinstalgia jars a bit in the vid, pointing out the song refs, but I like the sound of it - on headphones - a lot. And Visconti is talking the album up, of course, saying it's a 'rock' album mostly.

    Note to 'veteran' musicians - don't release albums too often - space them out, build up expectation.

    Oh and Tom Waits and Skeef have put out a shanty ballad...