Friday, May 11, 2012

Fandom is stupid...

I make no secret that Sugar's Copper Blue is my all time favourite album but I'm grappling with this dilemma. Some English record company I've never heard of is re-releasing all of Sugar's records in deluxe packs with bonus tracks and dvds. The thing is there is nothing new here for me because I own all the eps, bootlegs and various compilations the bonus tracks are taken from. Sure, I don't have the dvd's but is it worth re-buying your favourite albums just because they're in fancy packaging? I mean, I own this stuff, isn't that enough? And then, it's not like I even own Copper Blue in one format, I have it on vinyl, cd and tape? Tape WTF! Do I have to be a completist? Do I have to buy it again in some possession obsessed Western consumptive frenzy?

The answer is probably yes. I find myself circling UK Amazon and checking the exchange rates. I think wistfully of the copper embossed special edition of Copper Blue that came out and I baulked at paying $60 for and now see it on ebay for $250. I keep thinking to myself I can't let that happen again. I also think that I am entirely mad but I am futile to resist. What the hell is wrong with me? This is some kind of illness. Does anyone else have a record or artist whose albums they can't not buy? Am I the only one?


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