Thursday, July 19, 2012


I don't think they're coming to Australia anytime soon... --


  1. Saw them on Monday. Yes, it was everything it should be. I know that they're taking crap for not being able to reschedule shows, but I spoke with David after the show- they're all adults with jobs, families, lives- they can no more afford to add a few weeks to their vacation time than any of the rest of us. In addition, while I talking with David, a few fans who'd been at the show in Harrisburg, and even now, the pain David had at how badly that show went was palpable- he was talking about how he literally called his mother while the police were taking equipment, and even his Mother was telling him that it was over.
    I really do hope they come to Australia. Heck, what I really hope is that they can stick together, and tour for a few more years. However, I can say from seeing them first-hand, they're under a LOT of pressure. It's going to be tough going for them.

  2. That's too bad they're under such pressure, I'd hope it would be a joyous and lucrative return for them. The Big Day out was announced a few days ago and I had my fingers crossed for them to appear but alas not - one day. Such a great, great band - totally jealous you got to see them.