Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bob Mould - The Descent

Sometimes in life music acts like a real lifeline and at the moment, I desperately need a new Bob Mould record. Is it sad that I've been endlessly listening to the one and a half minute previews of the record on iTunes? Probably but now we have our first taste of the record and it's pretty great. Mould has said that he's been inspired by revisiting the Sugar catalogue and that's evident here coming across like the lead single File Under Easy Listening should have had (no disrespect to My Favorite Thing, a great song in its own right). The power of a great Bob Mould song is that they are incredibly straight forward pop-punk songs which you can pump your fist to while crying about your lost love. Mould always walks on the maudlin side and the lyrics here are pleading for forgiveness for some transgression as he wails "Can I try to make it up to you somehow?" The guitars pop, the backing vocals sigh and the whole thing rocks in a manner that brings joy to the heart, there's nothing more to be said.


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