Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here's some stuff to consider...

I've been struck down with some hideous ongoing flu/plague/possible whooping cough type thing for a month and while I have been lying in my bed in a perpetual state of misery, it has afforded me the chance to go youtube diving. These are the things I'm considering:
Good Heavens is basically the lead singer of the redsunband with the original Wolfmother rhythm section (don't hold that against them). They sound pretty good to me but I think I'd have to hear the whole album to make a proper judgement.
Alt J seem to be everywhere at the moment (posters, magazines etc), I thought I'd give them a listen. Although the video is great, I'm not so sure I'm sold on them. I think it'll take a few more listens for me but I think there might be something there.
I've seen JSBX a few times, most memorably when they sat in with RL Burnside at a festival. While generally reviled since Plastic Fang (I actually really liked that album), if there was any form to return to I think this sounds like a rockin' good time to my ears. Definitely enough for me to buy the album and you know, they kind of pioneered the whole guitar, drums, no bass sound that everyone made a million off (Black Keys, looking at you) so they deserve some respect.
I have a lot of time for Bat for Lashes, one of the few heirs to the Kate Bush throne who isn't so beholden or indebted to her that it becomes parody. I think all the songs for the new album released so far have sounded brilliant and this one released yesterday doesn't change that opinion. Personal taste here but definitely one of the most interesting artists recording at the moment.
Finally, a blast from the past, after listening to Kellie Lloyd's album a bunch of times, I've been listening to Screamfeeder a bit. So here's a Aussie 90's classic filmed on the top floor car park of the Brisbane Transit Centre. I have spent many an hour in that bus terminal for a variety of reasons so hooray for nostalgia...

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  1. Good considerations. I've got the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Meat & Bones LP and well, it's good, and yes, respect is due, but it's not exactly a classic, either. Yes, I do remember Screamfeeder, they weren't half bad. I'm interested, but hesitant about Bat for Lashes. Always a mixed bag there, so it's just a question of does the interesting outweigh the pretension?