Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 thoughts I had about music this week

It has been a long week but music hasn't been far from my mind. Here's the highlights on my indepth thinking about music this week:

1. How long will it take for Bat for Lashes' Laura to become a Premier League football chant? "Oh Drogba, you're more than a superstar..." (I use Drogba as an example but cannot condone anyone supporting Chelsea).

2. As much as a party starter as it is, Get down on it by Kool and the Gang is overplayed.

3. The new Bronx record seems to be getting worse with every listen. Initial excitement has receded into "what is this generic fuckery?"

4. Elton John playing on the new Queens of the Stone Age record proves that 70's era Elton is awesome. Also, as Trent Reznor guests on the album which suggests that he is the Elton John of the 90's.

5. David Bowie probably thinks Morrissey is a racist.

6. As much as Stereogum lists suck, they reminded me how great Sleater Kinney were.

7. On this, it will only be a matter of time before Stereogum do a "ten best songs by My Bloody Valentine." I expect them to break the internet on that day. BTW MBV is gold.

8. I finally heard the Triple J Hottest 100 number 1 song (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop). Sure it's a novelty song and pretty lame but I didn't hate it.

9. That being said, song number 2 is fucking everywhere. Icelandic Mumford and Suns - WHHHHHHY?

10. I heard the new Nick Cave album and it sounds nothing like I thought it would. Nick's still full of surprises...


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  1. I'll be honest- I haven't listened to the Bronx in a week or so, but I don't recall a drop off for me. Elton John on QOTSA is extremely worrisome for me, though. I loathed Elton John in the seventies, eighties and Nineties- even though I've got friends (Hello, Alicia!) who worship him- and here's why- he turns any music he gets on into a goddamn Broadway musical, and not a good one at that. On the other hand, Sleater Kinney are even better broken up- no, bear with me here- Wild Flag plus the new Corin Tucker LP ( which I finally got during my recovery) is actually better than most Sleater Kinney ( All Hands on the Bad One is still untouchable, though). And yes, the new Nick Cave is a bit of Alrighty, then.