Friday, April 19, 2013

Chi Cheng

I remember the exact time I first heard the Deftones. As usual, hung over after a Friday night out, I would watch the TV show Recovery on Saturday mornings. Recovery was one of the few shows that had live bands playing and then the Deftones strolled on and blew my mind (the two songs above). Big hooks, big riffs and a driving intensity. I remember that day because I went and bought Around the Fur as soon as the show had finished and basically became a fan forever. Little did I know that they would morph from a very good band into a fucking excellent one. Their next record White Pony is a classic and while they've never really soared that high again, every album features a high number of outstanding songs.
So it was a saddening to hear that Deftones bass player Chi Cheng passed away this week. Cheng was in a car accident some years ago that left him paralysed and largely comatose. The Deftones community rallied around his family, providing support and funds for his rehabilitation but sadly it was not to be. I didn't know the guy but I knew that mighty bass sound that anchored one of my favourite bands and getting to see them live a couple of times, he had that particular energy you see in musicians when they love what they do. Sad stuff.

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