Friday, June 7, 2013

Take a minute

A couple of my friends have been giving me shit about my geek out about the new Queens record and that's ok, if you want to give me a gentle ribbing about it I won't hold it against you (I'm lying, I hate you). But it did get me thinking that we might look back on this year as one of those special years in music. Six months ago, a new My Bloody Valentine album was a punchline and then there it was bleeding through our speakers. There have been great albums from Coliseum, the National, Nick Cave, Low, Laura Marling, Atoms for Peace, Ice Age, Wire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Blake, the Drones etc... We got a frickin' Bowie album which I don't really rate but we got a frickin' Bowie album anyway. Daft Punk seduced us with their marketing campaign and let us down with their coke rock pastiche. The crazy thing is we're only half way through the year and have records coming from Boards of Canada, Arcade Fire, Superchunk, NIN, MIA and a whole bunch of others (I'm sure there will be some surprises as well).

So take a moment, breathe in the ambience of it all and be thankful that you're a music fan in 2013.


  1. oh yes! I'd forgotten about the new BoC record coming out soon. Am hoping it's a bit more oomphy than Campfire Headphase...

  2. While I'd pick some different releases, I'm still absolutely with you- there's been a wealth, this year.