Monday, February 3, 2014

Some stuff that happened this week...

So the Grammys happened this week which is always sad. So out of touch and weird, Led Zeppelin bagged the best rock album award... LED FUCKING ZEPPELIN! Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of Stairway as much as the next guy but it is 2014. Everyone's had their say on the QOTSA/NIN debacle, was anyone truly surprised? I think nothing summed it up better than the Mackelmore vs Kendrick Lamar tweet:

Ok so the Lamar response was by amazing comedian Aamer Rahman but it gets to the heart of the Grammys, always choosing the safe, non-threatening and lame artist everytime.

Anyhow, I also blagged tickets to the Laneway festival which I found to be fun but also kind of sad. If this was the face of modern alternative, it was all very generic and uninspiring. There is a new traend in alternative in bands like Chvrches, Sky Ferreira and Naked and the Famous which sounds exactly like the 80's and when I say the 80's, I mean the lame 80's. While Chvrches were pretty, my discussions with my friend soon turned to Nik Kershaw, the Thompson Twins and Kim Wilde. The 80's were bad enough the first time, don't make me go back. Indie singer songwriters like Kurt Vile, Vance Joy etc seemed drawn out and samey. The only bands that got any heat were Frightened Rabbit and Savages. I certainly didn't rate Savages before but seeing them live has made me re-think that - their presence and sound was overwhelming and far better than the record - I haven't seen a band with such charisma in a while, the songs sounded raw, urgent and alive. I was converted. By the way, if you have the chance to see Lorde (who I admit to liking), stay home and listen to the record - not much room for improvisation or spontaneity when you play to backing tracks. The saddest thing was I missed Run the jewels by five minutes... damnit.

The highlight of the superbowl was apparently the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I'm sure that's in revelations as being a sign of the apocalypse.

Finally, U2 released a new single. They're one of those bands I grew up and I felt compelled to listen to it. While not as shit as their last album, let's just say there is no late career for renaissance for the boys. I can commend them on producing something not entirely rubbish I guess. It made me sad to hear the modern production flourishes - aural mutton dressed up as lamb. The expansive intimacy of the Joshua Tree or the playful melancholy of Achtung Baby are a long way behind them. I always think, maybe, maybe I'll hear that thing I loved as a kid but I got old and maybe I should move on from this sickening nostalgia.


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  1. Re: Grammys- same Crap, different players. Re: Superbowl- I agree with AXL. They were broadcasting their asses. Re: new U2- ehhh, I don't hate it, but I don't do Itunes.
    But a thought occurs to me- when I was a kid- we're talking 1975, here- most folks were listening to disco and country, same as now. Rock music was for the grubby outsider kids, who were considered walking faux pas' on bad drugs. Now, rock music is for outdated nerds, considered "undateable" and on bad drugs. Could it be that we're all just the same people, grown up? Shocker, eh? I'll just play the music I like some more, and hope that it doesn't become a trend, again, because it's a drag having to explain to people I'm not an ironic hipster, I just have always been this way...