Friday, February 10, 2012

The MIA/MDNA situation

I wasn't going to comment on this but it seems to be on every fucking website I read and I'm a bit perplexed about it all. I find it interesting that there is so much outrage that MIA gave the finger during her guest performance with Madonna at the Superbowl... Well, interesting probably isn't the right word, maybe fascinating. Why? Well, three reasons really.

1. MIA giving the finger is about as controversial as me saying I hate Nickelback. What did they expect MIA would do when she sang the line 'I don't give a shit?', produce a bouquet of flowers?

2. Madonna has come out to condemn MIA because it conflicted with her message of world peace (which if you watch the entire video is probably the funniest thing about it - 12 minutes of Madonna gyrating and lip syncing her greatest hits and then in the last second flashing up the message world peace on a big screen - comedy gold!). Sorry, I thought the message was of the Superbowl spot was the promotion of Madonna and some upstart out stunted the original stunt queen. It only gets worse when you imagine Madonna saying how disappointed she is in that weird British accent she's sporting now.

3. This is probably the most perplexing thing to me. Conservative groups have condemned MIA, demanded apologies and had there 'what about the children!' outrage moment but to me, they seem to have missed the bigger picture. When you look at Madonna's performance as a whole, it comes across like the best Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras parade float ever. Given that there are all these weird arse religious groups talking about how Ellen promoting JCPenney is the work of Satan and part of some homosexual agenda to take over the world (Ellen? Really?), I find it strange (and awesome) that these groups noticed a one second bird gesture but didn't notice that you just had the greatest gay nightclub routine in history as the half time performance at the largest sports event in the US. Did you not notice the buff guys in roman soldier outfits? Oh yeah, that reminds me, Mardis Gras kicks off this weekend - happy Mardi Gras everyone.


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  1. it's like Jim Morrison doing those anti-drug ads. You just know Madge is court-ordered to talk smack at Maya. And, isn't 'teenage' fully one third of the reason why there's Pop music, at all?