Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage blah

For some reason, I get sent updates about this blog called Vintage Everyday. I have no idea why, I don't subscribe to it and find its rampant nostalgia depressing. However, I should alert you to two recent posts that are vaguely interesting. The first is photos of 70's pop/rock stars with their families and I find the photo of Ginger Baker and his mum quite sweet and lovely (it is here). Strangely today they has a post called 80s Punk Bands You've Never Heard Of which should be named 80s Punk Bands You've Heard Of... Fucking amateurs.

Apart from this, I unreasonably find this site incredibly infuriating but somehow I can't stop it appearing in my blog feed. I guess there's bigger problems to worry about - world peace, racism, my hair. Anyhow, there will be very little blog action here as I'm working on another project at the moment. I will update when new music falls into my lap or I get bored with the other thing.

One thing though, I was listening to Soundgarden this morning and it strikes me that song would never be released as a single in this day and age. Tricky riffs and a spoon solo - I think not...


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