Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prometheus trailer conundrums

Warning: non-musical post.

Like many of my nerd brethren, I am very excited about Ridley (Alien/Bladerunner) Scott's return to sci fi, especially as he is directing Prometheus, a 'kind of' prequel to Alien but also on the back of these trailers - which looks spectacular in the way sci-fi can be (not should be, I like subtle stuff too). My nerd meter went into overdrive yesterday with the release of the US Theatrical trailer which harkens back to the original Alien one, seemingly giving a lot of the story away, has pounding music and plays up the whole horror/action element. Here it is:

Within a few hours of that, the UK trailer was released and it has a totally different feel - less of the story, more atmosphere and suspense with action snippets played out at the end.

I'm not really sure what this says about the respective UK and US markets in terms of marketing (even though, much to my shame, I vaguely work in marketing). Does high action only sell in the US where the UK are more seduced by concept? Hmmm, I need to think on it a bit but I'm sure there is some pithy, intellectual analysis waiting to be written on the differences between the two but buggered if I'm going to write it...


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  1. Typical of an American, I won't be subtle: Americans are less educated