Friday, March 30, 2012

Song of the day: Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

A while back, the Arctic Monkeys released a record produced by Josh Homme and to be honest, it didn't really work. This was mainly because the Monkeys tried to infuse their signature sound with Queens heaviness but it felt tacked on rather than organic. The key component which was missing is that when Queens are on form, they sound sexy. There is some Homme quote about making 'rock music girls can dance to' but I'd put forward it's more that it's music people want to have sex to (I got this from a friend of mine who said Misfit Love made her want to have sex immediately). Anyhow, on R U Mine?, the Monkeys seemed to have figured out the magical ingredient because this is a thumping tune which grinds in a seductive and sinister way. Welcome back lads...


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