Thursday, December 1, 2011

Award ceremonies... groan part 2... Grammy nominations

As I said earlier this week, I will watch award shows even though I know they're kind of bullshit. So the big one, the Grammys, was announced today and there is nothing remotely interesting about the nominations apart from Mastodon getting a mention in the Best Heard Rock/Metal performance. While I loved that Arcade Fire deservedly won album of the year, this year's indie contender for a big award Bon Iver (song of the year) is ultimately less exciting to me as I consider it one of the most disappointing records of the year. Foster the People don't count either because while Pumped Up Kicks is an incredible song (it really is), their album is a bit of a dud. I imagine that Foo Fighters have got all the rock categories sewn up and Adele will win everything else. It's good to see Thom Yorke got a nomination for dancing like your embarrassing uncle after a few beers in the Lotus Flower video but overall it's a pretty uninspired field of contenders which I guess is no surprise. A full list of nominees is here - strangely I didn't recognise anyone in the best new age category.


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