Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mark Lanegan: The Gravedigger's Song review

Brooding Lanegan vocal? Check. Dark lyrics about lost love? Check. Menacing title? Check. Murky sonics and threatening riffs? Check. Lanegan’s BACK! Propelled by a claustrophobic throb reminiscent of Bubblegum’s Methamphetamine Blues with a hint of speed, the first track off Blues Funeral makes the new Lanegan album one of my most anticipated for 2012. Guitars snarl and snap while Lanegan brings the apocalypse as only he can. Sure, at this point, he could sing News Ltd’s Annual Report and make it sound like a sinister masterpiece but that’s beside the point, he remains one of the most consistently interesting and prolific singers in music right now producing great album after great album. Make room, shit’s about to get real Lanegan style.


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  1. Mark Lanegan has a voice that is truly outstanding. On this track he wields it effectively. His writing style can bring tears to your eyes for their sadness or just for their sheer beauty. If you don't know his work, Blues Funeral is a great album to start with.