Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rino's favourite tracks of 2011

A little while ago I put a call out for anyone who wanted to post their favourite music of 2011 on the blog (see sidebar for details - it's not too late). Fortunately, Rino answered the call with a hectic and eclectic list of old and new. Rino is an excellent writer who evades Skynet bots by publishing a blog composed on a typewriter and has released a brilliant book of music criticism called Song Logic which can be bought here. I'll let Rino explain the rest:

What’s an annual top ten list? It’s a list of music discovered (or rediscovered) in a year. I don’t go for too much cool new music, I just don’t get excited by most of it. I get kicks out of the old stuff

White Noise – Mogwai.
The strongest album opener I’ve heard in a long time. And also pure good Mogwai feel and power.

I Am Not Willing – Moby Grape
It’s a solid stoner cut, but I just love the power of the piano chords and drums and the lilting self-pity of the song.

The Bottle – Gil Scott-Heron
Social conscience was never so danceable. Step step step.

Lay All Your Love on Me – Abba
This is Abba at the pinnacle of their power. Secret of longevity: strong song chorus and dance beats. The melodic hook will stay but the beats mean future remixability. This song could go forever for me, especially with that mock-baroque synth line at the end.

All Night Long – Lionel Richie
Such a laid-back dance track. Killer chorus, fudged Caribbean accent, total 80s hit. He never got this good again, but he’s still big in the Middle East.

Chemtrails – Beck
Modern Guilt is such a neat & contained album, and this is the best on it. Great drumming and mood.

Video Games – Lana Del Rey
Because there haven’t been enough torch pop songs since Goldfrapp stopped doing ‘em. [That’s a big hint, Alison]. But here’s a hip new kind of song that sounds old and familiar (without too much kitsch). She’s only 25... a new take on Mazzy Star.

Only Living Boy in New York – Simon & Garfunkel
I blogged about this one – one of the best and feelingest songs about friendship. Ever. And the harmonies in the echo chamber – and the sweet bass – and the sheer love of it.

Walking Papers – Booker T Jones
Add ?uesto drums to the Booker Hammond and you’ve got funk in a bottle.

Cry Tough – Alton Ellis
This and the next cut came via Bob’s Theme Time Radio show. Such a great (Duke Reid) production – the way it references Dub but doesn’t cut in on a great song. Oh wait, that’s on the longer version of this song.

I Drink – Mary Gauthier
A small song that packs a huge emotional punch. So dry, knowing and hurting. The saddest laugh is at one’s own life.

Here’s the complete playlist at GrooveShark
(except the Moby Grape cut – that’s here:



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