Friday, October 14, 2011

Peter Gabriel: What's it going to take?

Seems I've been dwelling on some old stuff this week and with the upcoming release of Jane's Addiction and Tom Waits albums in the coming weeks, that's probably not going to change. So... Peter Gabriel. There I've said it. I like Peter Gabriel and while I've never really explored his Genesis years, as a kid I was deeply in love with his solo albums. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that because despite the big shiny pop numbers that got on the radio (Sledgehammer), most of his records had some weird shit going on in the back end. He's one of those artists that somehow infiltrated the mainstream while being singularly not mainstream in content. So Peter has a new album out called New Blood which is him re-recording some songs from his back catlogue. His last album, Scratch my back, was a collection of covers. His last album of actual new material was 2002's Ovo

So my question is this: what's it going to take for Peter Gabriel to write a new song? I know he's now rocking that strange Confucius look and batting off questions of Genesis re-unions from Rolling Stone - but Peter, mate, re-imaginings, covers - this isn't what people want. Either back off into the background Bowie style or pull your finger out and write a decent bloody new tune... Just saying... 


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