Sunday, October 16, 2011

A song a day: Public Enemy - Shut 'em down

OWS edition: Following on from Nation and Black Planet, it seems that Apocalypse 91, The Enemy Strikes Back is largely underrated and it never really got its due (duets with Anthrax not standing). I mean it's pretty hard to follow two classic albums without unfair scrutiny. However, there is a lot to love on that album and my fave track has long been Shut 'em down (close second Get the fuck outta Dodge), a long form rap about exploitation of the black community. The lines that seemed most pertinent to me regardless of race have always been:

I like Nike but wait a minute
The neighborhood supports so put some money in it
Corporations owe they gotta give up the dough
To the town or else we gotta shut 'em down

The notion that businesses have community responsibility rings louder and louder every day...


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