Monday, October 10, 2011

Stop... Censorship?!

One of the records I'm most anticipating this year is the new Jane's Addiction record, The Great Escape Artist which is out in a couple of weeks. I liked End to the lies but I'm a little lukewarm on the second single Irresistible Force. Whatever - I'm keen for any new Jane's record and even though I didn't rate the last one, I still listen to it pretty regularly. They performed on Kimmel this week and ended the show with Stop. The weirdest thing is the TV channel censored the word "Goddamn" at the end of the song (as in "Turn off that smokestack and that goddamn radio"). It's even stranger when Perry yells "Fuck 'em up!" at the beginning of the solo (about 3:02) and that didn't get censored. Does anyone else find that kind of censorship weird - you'd censor goddamn over fuck? Anyhow, I'm a big boy now, I can hear the word goddamn. Oh yeah and Navarro is shredding on that song...



  1. odd indeed. Pery sounds a bit hoarse. And who's the bassplayer? The ex-rental from Porno for Pyros?

  2. Jane's had to cancel shows in the UK recently because of Perry having a throat infection (or something) so it might be a hang over form that. The bass player is Chris Chaney who was the guy on Strays but they ditched him for the recording of the new record for the TVOTR guy. It must be strange for him - he was in all the promotional shots and on the cover for Strays but not for the new record - I guess he didn't make full time band member status. Then again, he did play for Alanis Morrissette so, you know, whatever...