Friday, February 4, 2011

Essential playlists: Special Sydney Heatwave edition

Sydney is currently in the midst of an inescapable soul-crushing heatwave. As we're about to endure a 40 degree day, here is a playlist that is a literal interpretation of what's it's like.

Water - PJ Harvey
Regardless of how much water you drink, you feel like you're in a constant state of dehydration. Walking to the corner store is like taking a forty mile march through a desert but this desert smells like trash rotting in the sun - joy.

Mosquito Song - Queens of the Stone Age
It's really hot so you open the windows and doors. Mosquitos come rushing in to feed on your heat paralysed body. So you shut the windows and doors again until the heat becomes so stifling that you have to open them again. Mosquitos come rushing in to feed on your heat paralysed body. Repeat to infinity...

Sleep - Azure Ray
Sleep is fucking impossible. Full. Fucking. Stop.

Heroin - Velvet Underground
As no one is sleeping and incredibly hot, everyone seems to be walking around in a smacked out stupor. Drooling and inarticulate - the heatwave is like everyone is on drugs. Bad drugs.

Hard Time Killing Floor - The Twilight Singers
While everyone is a little it smacked out, there is a certain irritability and anger simmering below the surface of everyone I talk to. I think another couple of days could result in a riot and Sydney will be reduced to a burning crater in the ground...

Pop Song 89 - REM
Almost every person I've spoken to in the last week starts off by saying "Geez, it's hot isn't it?" Really? I hadn't noticed. Of course, it's fucking hot. Stop mentioning it, I'm sick of talking about the weather... (how ironic given this post ho ho)

Bill Idol - Hot in the City
Well, duh.


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