Thursday, February 17, 2011

True conversations of music nerds: death of a hero

JH: So Gary Moore died.

SC: Yeah, I heard that and thought about you.

JH: Yeah he was the first musician I really loved. I bought all the albums and would buy magazines just if there was a mention of him. I listened to some music of his after I heard - it wasn't as good as I remembered.

SC: Yeah, I listened to some early U2 the other day and came to the conclusion that it might be bad.

JH: Yeah, it's weird. I must admit I felt really sad about it. I guess it's like your first childhood hero dying. Was U2 the first band you really got into?

SC: Yeah, mostly U2 and I guess Midnight Oil before that.

JH: So I guess it's like Bono dying or Peter Garrett joining the Labor Party...

SC: That bad huh?



  1. on seeing Moore trending, I went to wiki and saw that some wag had edited the page to say he died because 'he did a poopoo in the pool'. Ten minutes later, gone.

  2. If you google search image Gary Moore and look at the pictures of his guitar face, you might believe that was true. Oh the internet, so, so heartless.