Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music stalker

What does your itunes say about you? I work in a building where multiple shared libraries can be accessed and listened to but it almost feels a little dirty and stalkerish to check other people's music libraries out. There are a bunch of things in my itunes that are remnants of bad taste from the past or bands I never listen to but imported for some party playlist or because I was feeling nostalgic. I guess I don’t care whether people think I’m a Jack Johnson fan or not but to any casual observer of my itunes library, they may think I’m his biggest fan. I’m not but his songs remain in my itunes for no apparent reason.

This leads to the libraries I can access at work. One is a tasteful collection of Antony, Sufjan, Bon Iver and Beirut which is peppered Good Charlotte, Silverchair and Killing Heidi. Looking at it objectively, it makes no sense but the real story is that it is one of my co-worker’s itunes which has been used by his son hence the terrible teenage bent of much of the music in the library. However, a new library has appeared recently which has me somewhat perplexed. It has some great music on there (mainly punk bands) but I’m not sure how a collection that has Cannibal Corpse and Discharge in it can also have the Bee Gees and Gloria Estefan. Either they have the most eclectic music taste in history or that was one hell of a party. I’m currently trying to work out who owns the library so I can ask them about it. I’ll keep you informed.


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