Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True conversations of music nerds: No vacancy

At work - discussing music with a workmate. Yesterday...

JH: Did you hear the Arcade Fire won album of the year? Amazing.

WM: Who are the Arcade Fire?

JH: Oh they're great. You'd love them. Do you want to borrow some?

WM: No. I can't take any new music.

JH: What?

WM: I've reached my quota of bands. I can't remember any new ones, I have no room in my life for new music.

JH: Look, I can barely remember all that philosophy and shit I learnt at Uni. I just replaced it with other useless information. For example, I can remember a bunch of Enrique Iglesias songs. Why don't you just forget some other stuff? What about your children's names? You can live without them right?

WM: Um... no.

At work - discussing music with a workmate. Today...

WM: Is that PJ Harvey?

JH: Yeah, it's her new album. It's pretty great.

WM: I'll have to get a copy off you.

JH: Hold on. I thought you had no room for new music.

WM: Duh! I already know PJ Harvey. I said I have no room for anyone I don't know about.


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