Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make a 90's rock video in four easy steps

1. First thing you need to decide is the style:
a: Are you going to be all serious and film in black and white?; or

b: are you going to be all serious using a soft focus lens with accentuated colours and images that fall in and out of focus? (or you can combine A & B if you're really serious).

2. You have no option but to film your lead singer in half light.

3. Next is to decide on your imagery:
a: hopelessly literal symbolism of alienation;

b: pseudo religious imagery; or

c: put eyeliner on male band members to make them look 'edgy'.

4. Then you must populate your videos with people who are:

a: creepy; or

b: doing weird shit; or

c: wearing a hat; or

d: wearing a hat while looking creepy; or

e: wearing a hat while looking creepy and doing weird shit; or

f: seriously, dude, what the fuck are you wearing?


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