Monday, January 31, 2011

You didn't think we'd notice...

On the weekend, I re-watched Pump Up The Volume. This is a classic film from 1990 starring Christian Slater as a disaffected youth bringing a school to its knees through his pirate radio show. His radio persona is Hard Harry, a lewd teenage philosopher with excellent music taste (Leonard Cohen, Pixies, MC5 etc...). It is a great film with a great soundtrack.

The only problem I have with the film is that there is a scene where Hard Harry implores the kids to get a little wild and crazy which leads to various scenes of chaos. As Kick out the jams plays, kids blow stuff up in microwaves, scream and dance and run riot at the local school. The only thing is that during the riot scene, the following thing happens:

You didn't think we'd notice that as the kids riot that they just happen to have a 5 metre long penis on hand to use as a battering ram. My question is, where the hell did that come from and where did it go? There is no reference to it in any other part of the movie and then it's just... there... Geez, what was going on in the 90's?


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