Friday, January 14, 2011

Trivial pursuits...

So every week I do pub trivia at the Marrickville bowlo and tend to answer most of the music questions regardless of the music quality (for example, you might have to identify a Strokes song and then the next song is Enrique Iglesias). However, this week I felt some heat from my fellow team members (two of them first timers) because I answered the following two questions:

1. Which member of the Spice Girls appeared as herself on Neighbours? (I guessed Mel C but it turned out to be Baby Spice).
2. Name that tune which was Justin Timberlake's Cry Me a River which I guessed in two seconds.

First, I copped shit because I named all the Spice Girls and then used logic to deduce that it would either be Mel C or Emma Bunton. I was surprised that knowing all the names of the Spice Girls would be so contentious or cause for derision because let's face it, at their height, they were everywhere. Further, their individual fame far exceeded the band and I think even the lost tribes of the Amazon would have a fair idea who Posh, Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Baby were. To me, unless you have absolutely zero interest in popular culture, not knowing who the Spice Girls are is weird. To openly revel in your ignorance because liking the Spice Girls might be seen as uncool is being contrary for the sake of being contrary as far as I'm concerned. I will say that I like Spice up your life because it is plausibly one of the most ridiculous yet catchy songs ever released.

Then when I was able to pick Cry Me a River, I got into a heated debate because I think it is a good song. To be honest, I think it is an amazing pop song with amazing production and a real emotional pull to it. My theory is this: the best pop music over the last ten years (yes, including JT and Desinty's Child/Beyonce) will be the music that I'll be listening to on AM stations when I'm in a nursing home. Let's face it, there was a lot of shit pop music released in the 60's and 70's but there is a reason why we hear the Supremes and not Bobby Goldsboro when we're hanging out with our parents. Great pop songs are transcendent of music genre and age, they are just great. I doubt I'll be hearing Keisha in twenty years but I know I'll be hearing Justin Timberlake and that is because of one reason, the songs are great. Even bloody Pitchfork agrees with me (it's number 11).

Is it wrong to appreciate music even though it's terribly uncool to like it? I don't think so (and Claire, if you ever read this, I only make fun of you liking Aerosmith but I totally get it even if the video is terrible x).



  1. Dude (you) looks like an Aerosmith fan if ever there were one....
    Sweet (emotion).

  2. Well, I don't wanna miss a thing...