Saturday, January 1, 2011

Music fans in the wild: The Aficionado

The Aficionado: The Aficionado can only listen to one type of music to the expense of all other genres. Generally, they like classical, jazz or death metal and all other music is mere noise to their refined ears. To call these unimaginative dullards music fans is kind of like calling a kitten a lion of the Serengeti. They often can’t even recognise that the music they so adore had it’s roots in other music forms. For example, blues birthed rock which added distortion that became metal and then some losers started screaming about their mother not loving them/and or satan and you have death metal. A lot of death metal fans cannot accept this and write thing in music forums like “YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE REAL METAL!” (but normally it’s in some weird broken English). Jazz fans are often the worst and most pretentious of the Aficionado group as they can’t admit that the music they love is shit.


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