Saturday, January 22, 2011

Enter the wu...

My recent post about winning arguments about music have led to more arguments. So Claire and I have decided we need to have some form of blog off to settle this once and for. She suggested that we should have some rap names for the battle and I wanted to Wu Tang clan name. Thank God for the internet because there is a Wu Tang Clan name generator which can be found here.

Sadly, even when I try to be street and gangsta, even a faceless internet name generator can tell how lame I am. Why? Because my Wu Tang name is Gentleman Dominator. Is it me or does that sound like a vibrator?

Speaking of Claire (whose Wu Tang name is Ungrateful Ninja - awesome), she left this great comment about Reformatins which I though would be worth sharing:

Duran Duran also need a category of their own "Bands who reform and should be nothing but brilliant but turn out to suck on a whole new level". Saw them play a couple years ago and aside from Simon Le Bon's white jeans (gah!) it was a really shit gig. There are only so many saxaphone solos one can take in the name of kitsch.


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