Monday, January 3, 2011

True conversations of music nerds: Illegal immigrant music.

DL: So are you going to see many shows this month?

JH: Nah, there's lot's on but I'm not really interested. You?

DL: I'm going to see Sufjan.

JH: Oh man, I can't stand that new album - Age of Adz or whatever.

DL: Really.

JH: The only way I can describe it is imagine you're being smuggled across the Mexican border in a secret compartment hidden beneath some car seats. The people in the car are listening to a good Sufjan album but in your comparment all you can hear is this weird, muffled sufjan'esque noise.

DL: Wow.

JH: Exactly.

DL: Well, I'm hoping I'll like it more after I see him live.

JH: Good luck with that.


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