Friday, January 7, 2011

Music fans in the wild: The One-Up-Man

The One-Up-Man: No matter what band, artist or genre, the One-Up-Man has a better story or understanding than you ever possibly could. The One-Up-Man isn't limited to music (they're often in workplaces too) but those indulging in music are paticulalrly irksome. In the 90's, a One-Up-Man would say "Oh Nirvana, I bought Bleach on mail order from Subpop in '89. I can't listen to Nevermind, it's such a sell out." In 2000's, they say stuff like "Oh the National, I saw them when they played Newtown RSL to fifteen people when they were really good." No matter what you talk about, they heard it first, saw it at some exclusive gig back in the day or knew the band members. "Oh the Cure, I knew Robert Smith before he formed the band - he was a nice guy but we lost touch..." Dude, you're 22 - do you have a time machine?


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