Saturday, November 12, 2011

Future of the Left - Polymers are forever ep review

In my mind and heart of hearts, if this world had any taste Future of the Left would be the biggest band in the world. Travels with myself and another was easily one of the best records of 2009 and if rock music fans were literate, discerning disciples of excellent music it should have sold about a billion copies. I'm sure that not what the band would want but their brutalist yet absurdist take on angular rock is easily one of the most endearing and enjoyable sounds going at the moment. Polymers are forever is a stop gap ep before the release of their next album and proves as a reminder of what makes them great. Sure, there's nothing here which is as strong as their best but it's an adventurous journey through the many moods of FOTL.

At the centre of their sound is Andy Falkous' spoken word to a scream bark and witty yet obscure lyrics. The title track encompasses the keyboard squelch/stop/start guitar attack that was featured on Travels and it is fitted with a grand breakdown featuring typically obtuse lyrics which could be about drowning or macromolecular science - it's a little unclear. With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst carries on in the quick, fast punch in the jaw of Travel's Chin Music while New Adventures is a jaunty singalong about failure and addiction - good times. My Wife is Unhappy is similar mould to Travel's Lapsed Catholics but slightly more sinister - a more serious fucked up little sister if you will. Dry Hate vaguely sounds like it's name while the closing mini opera shows the lyrical and musical dexterity of an band striving forward. It is this track which is the strongest, starting as a writhing beast that fades in an ambient hush of discontent.

This ep is the first music released with the band's new line up but it really feels as if it's business as usual. To be honest, listening to this record just makes me miss this band more and hope that their new record is not too far away and delivers on their considerable talent. Here the full ep here.


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