Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday night list: reunions I'd like to see...

I was talking to my good friend Katie the other day and she said that when she took a writing course one of the things they taught was that it's a bad form to write a list. Being a bad writer, that seemed like a great idea so here's my first Saturday list. In light of the Stone Roses reuniting (as well as Pixies, Soundgarden, Slint, Pulp, My Bloody Valentine etc etc...), it got me thinking about the bands I'd like to see reform. This isn't a call to reform but a fervent prayer... Here are my top five:

5. Sugar: Bob Mould has categorically ruled out any chance of a Hüsker Dü reunion and no amount of money would entice him back to play with Hart and the moustache guy again. However, I'd love to see a Sugar reunion because even though Bob drove the band, David Barbe and Malcolm Travis were more than mere sidemen ably matching Mould's intensity. A Don't Look Back concert with Sugar playing Copper Blue - I'd pay to see that...

4. The Smiths: The most famous Morrissey quote regarding a Smiths reunion is that he'd "rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian." So, I guess if Morrissey ever gets the taste for meat again we might be in with a chance.

3. Straitjacket Fits: I was saddened to hear of Straitjacket Fits bass player David Wood died a few years ago. While Shayne Carter still plays around it's be great to see a reunion of any remaining members as they were one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

2. The White Stripes: Yeah, I know they only officially announced their break up this year but I think I like Jack White in this context - just howling and scorching away on his guitar with minimal percussion behind him. Get back on that wagon Jack, that's why we love ya....

1. Ride: Hey guys, stop arsing around with Oasis or whatever it is you're doing and get your shit together...


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  1. Haha! 6 weeks and $500 later, I retained exactly two pieces of take-home information: no lists and don't use the same word twice (apart from 'the', 'and' 'but' etc.)

    But actually, your type of list is totally fine and very much embraced. A point-form Top Ten type article is good. A sentence like: "Jonathan's blog entries are witty, smart, well-researched and passionate" - while utterly true, is not encouraged.

    And that's what I learned. Or is it learnt? I'm not sure. They didn't teach us that.