Monday, November 21, 2011

There is no way back Gotye...

Ambient artist Tycho is a pretty talented guy as not only is he a musician, he's a designer as well. On his blog, ISO50, he regularly posts a playlist of music and my brother-in-law was playing the latest one yesterday. At a certain point, the last Gotye single came on and I'm not sure why I never heard it before but his singing voice is exactly like Sting* - almost shockingly so. I'm sure every person who has ever heard him has realised this, I'm just a bit slow. Anyhow, it made me go back and listen to his first record and yep, he sounds like Sting on that too, I just never heard it or made that connection. I'm sad to say there's no way back for for me Gotye (or Wally as his Mum calls him), all I can hear is the distant echoes of Dream of the Blue Turtles... It's funny how once you hear something like that you can never, ever get it out of your brain.

*Disclaimer: I'm talking about Sting as a solo artist here. Sting is awesome in the Police and has exactly one good solo record (The Soul Cages), but the rest is a bit shit...



  1. He does sound a hell of a lot like Sting. I made this mashup using Gotye's vocals on a sting track. It seems to work remarkably well! Have a listen if you want:

  2. yeah, well, Gotye is Sting's son!