Friday, November 4, 2011

Lou Reed and Metallica: Lulu review

I listened to it so you don't have to. Don't do it. It's not as bad as the wags on the internet are saying but the nicest way I can put it is that it is an uninteresting train wreck for everyone involved except for the final track. A total mismatch of styles, intensity and aim and while the lyrics are kind of interesting, it does little to save the record. There's a lot funnier and wittier critiques out there if you really want to get into it but the bottom line is that this will only disappoint any fan of either artist and makes me wonder who it was actually made for. The only conclusion I can come up with is Lou Reed is the straightest faced comedian in the world - in fact, he is the Neil Hamburger of modern rock.



  1. Adam described it as an unintentional comedy album, and frankly the joke was aired as soon as they announced it. If only Loo could stop being Loo for just a second, and Metallica could stop being stock standard metallica for just a second this might've been interesting. I think it's a question mark that will never really go away, this album, it will only become more and more (depravedly) puzzling as time goes on.

    That reminds me, I'm going to mix a version with a wildly (in)appropriate laughtrack. And short Woody Allen quips in between.

  2. Rino, I'd pay to hear that. I don't know what it is with Lou, it's not like his 'art' is even smart or very interesting anymore, it just seems like he actively hates his audience.