Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tribute: Bob Mould

This is a bit of a nothing post but if I was an independently wealthy man with a private jet, I would have flown over to see the Bob Mould tribute show which was held in LA a few days ago. The show featured Dave Grohl, Ryan Adams, No Age, Britt Daniel (Spoon), a couple of dudes from the Hold Steady, Grant Lee Phillips and Margaret Cho which is well and good but I'd really just go to see Bob play. I've been a Bob Mould fan for over twenty years and for most of that time, most people's response to my unwavering devotion is "who?" I'm that guy who buys every record in multiple formats, has posters and shirts and is probably obsessed in a way that verges on creepy. However, as a fan, it's good to see one of your heroes get some recognition and the release of his autobiography along with a high profile guest spot on a Foo Fighters song has seen a lot more press and internet chatter about him this year. I'm not sure if that translates into record sales but I hope he's had a little bump in income for his retirement nest egg.

Anyhow, most of the performances form the night are on youtube in varying levels of quality and it's nice to hear Bob run through some old songs (Ice Cold Ice - awesome!). And even if you don't care for Bob, make sure you watch Grohl cam on New Day Rising... That guy is an animal on the drums...

Oh yeah, how great is Jon Wurster from Superchunk - such a good drummer.


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