Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A song a day: The Audreys - Oh Honey

I don't really know the Audreys very well beyond this song but when I heard this in passing one day I was transfixed. A nice intersection of folks and blues that explodes once the electric guitar kicks in. If you haven't guessed by now I'm a total sucker for 'woman-done-wrong" songs but there is an aggressive undercurrent to this song - don't lie to me, don't sing to me, don't smile at me. She's had enough but the temptation of her lover is still strong and the music reflects this. I always loved Taasha Coates' voice after hearing this duet with Gareth Liddiard on Rockwiz (and seriously if you haven't heard Liddiard's band the Drones, get to it, one of the best Australian bands of the last 20 years) but I don't think I've heard anything better from the Audreys. Terrible low budget video but great, great song...

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