Thursday, July 14, 2011

A song a day: Kyuss – Gardenia

Sure, I could have picked any song off Blues for the Red Sun but I figured I'd go with Gardenia because it shows off all of Kyuss strengths and yes, it fucking rocks.

Strength 1: Josh Homme's denial of knowledge of Black Sabbath was silly but the scorched, fuzzed out majesty of that guitar tone sounds great no matter where the influences come from (and really if this was recorded in 1970 or yesterday, it would still sound awesome). You can also hear Homme scratching out his style in Kyuss and those solos are the foundations of the Queen to come.

Strength 2: Like most great bands, the power comes from the rhythem section. Scott Reeder stepping in for Nick was never a problem and you can hear Reeder stamping his mark all over this song. The bass just drives the song and Reeder plays like he's playing a 6 minute bass solo but providing a foundation that is rock solid. Brant Bjork's drumming is tight and just rolls with swing and style.

Strength 3: Basically Garcia is singing about having sex but even in the most base woman/car analogy, he sounds like the coolest guy on the planet...


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