Monday, July 11, 2011

A song a day: Bat for Lashes – Siren Song

Its been a while since I had any girly pop on here and I think Bat for Lashes is a perfect example of a modern songstress doing interesting things. When she first appeared, she seemed like an indie pop classicist with songs such as What’s a girl to do? However, on her second album she revealed herself as being an aspiring heir to the Kate Bush throne which is an incredibly difficult thing to do without wholesale suckage (for reference: see everyone who has ever tried). I think Siren Song is where it all comes together as it is a beautiful torch song with a rousing chorus that builds into a clattering climax. The narrative of devotion and loss with the tag line “because I’m evil” is my kind of relationship dilemma – complex, loving and fucked up.


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