Monday, August 22, 2011

A song a day: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Into your arms

I know this is my second Nick Cave song in the last little while but there's a special reason to mention this song. We all know how beautiful this song is but little did I know how effective it was in calming children down. I recently went to visit some good friends who have just had their first child. She's a beautiful girl but she was giving her parents grief with her non-stop nuclear crying. Somehow, Into you arms came on the iPod speaker and she stopped crying and stared intently at speakers. She continued to be calm for the entirety of the Boatman's Call album and whenever she can't be consoled, Uncle Nick comes to the rescue. I guess the album is filled with lullabies and ballads but I still find the concept of Nick Cave as music to calm infants as strange but mildly awesome.


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