Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A song a day: Songs: Ohia - Defenders

Sadly I can't find any audio for this song but it is part of my ongoing love for Songs: Ohia. About 12 years ago a friend sent me a mix tape with the Hecla and Gripper ep on it. How I loved those songs - mostly Jason Molina and his guitar singing songs about pain, loss and all that sad, sad stuff. I listened to that tape until it went missing in a house move and while I could remember the songs vividly, I could not remember their names or the title of the ep. I think I stumbled across the ep about ten years later and I still listen to it often. Well worth checking out if you're a fan of sad cowboy music. Anyhow, here's the lyrics to the song:

it's unlikely sorrow
will soon pass us by
cause our flesh in dust
will soon be laid
I'm still no one's darling
at least they're saying
got nobody waiting
though i'm pale and i'm young
i'm your leader
the grave of a singer
is it right to sing
of days long since past them
they're pale, they're were young
and your leader

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