Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A song a day: Oasis - Little by little

Ok, I know people hate Oasis but I don't care, I like them. I recently had the weird sensation of hearing Oasis in a Manchester pub and in that context, their aspirational, up for a fight attitude all makes sense. In the break up wash up I'm definitely on Noel's side because let's face it, he wrote the bulk of the tunes and definitely wrote the best ones that's for sure. The first two records are universally great apart from a couple of tracks so I decided to go for a later era song. I actually rate Heathen Chemistry and I think Little by Little is the best song on it. Sung by Noel, it is quite deceptive in that it starts as an Oasis ballad but turns into a rock monster by the time the solo rolls around. I'll be curious to hear the Noel solo stuff but the Beady Eye record is rubbish. Here's hoping Noel has more luck.


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