Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dave Navarro can save the world

Jane's Addiction - End to the Lies by paniko

Last night before I went to bed, I listened to the new Jane's Addiction song which I think is actually pretty good. Even though it has some a Spanish DJ sounding far less sexy than the lady introducing Stop speaking over the top of it, it actually sounds pretty ace. As I lay my head down to sleep, Dave Navarro's riff was rolling around my head and it occurred to me that maybe he is the hero that the modern world needs.

How so? Well, if you're a fan of Jane's Addiction you know the MVP of their classic line up was Eric Avery, whose propulsive bass lines and songwriting laid the foundations for the only two albums that matter from this band (TV on the Radio's David Sitek plays bass and co-produces their new album which might make it interesting). But despite Perry thinking he was the star of the show, all the flash and colour came from Navarro's incendiary guitar playing. To be blunt, the guy can play the fuck out of a guitar. His playing is all shock and awe and even at his worst, he sounds like a best guitar player in the universe and that's why I think he could save the world. Here's some examples:

A) Say there was a Battle: Los Angeles style invasion. Don't send in the troops, just get Navarro to set up a wall of Marshall's and play the solo from Stop! at the invading alien hordes. Not only will this guarantee a retreat from the aliens, it will melt their faces off. (Haven't seen that film but heard it's shit - great trailer though).

B) Nuclear power on the nose and running out of coal? Get Dave to plug into the grid and play Mountain Song four times in a row. That's enough rock power to service a middle sized city.

C) Sure Navarro has played with such shit artists as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morrisette, P Diddy and Christina Aguilera but you know what? It doesn't matter. Dave Navarro can play an open e-string on a pawn shop guitar in a Rockhampton insane asylum while wearing a Hannah Montana shirt (unironically) while watching the latest episode of Dora the Explorer (unironically) and he will still be cooler than you or I will ever be. It doesn't matter if this guy is the biggest douchebag in the world (he may well be, I've never met him), there is no competition.

Did I mention he can play the fuck out of a guitar?



  1. I love Dave's fretwork; but boy, talk about extremes. He can go from the suckiest of sucks (that solo album) to/from the highest of highs (the top-5-of-all-time guitar solos - Three Days - actually, maybe top 3...) and that god-awful - was it a spoof? - wedding reality show with carmen electra...

    I just want to hear more chops, real chops, less celebrity shit which taints everyone these days...

  2. Three days - oh my lord that song is great. I never heard the solo album and choose to ignore the celebrity guff. Even though Strays was pretty lame, the best thing on it was Navarro's guitar playing.

    I'm always hopeful when anything Jane's related is announced but then again, Ritual and Nothing's Shocking will always be there for me.