Wednesday, April 20, 2011

True conversations of music nerds: Controversy

No Rubbish Contentious by randomesque

Neil explains his contentious analysis of Raspeberry Beret's lyrics.



  1. ha, this is starting to sound like the Ricky Gervais podcast ;-)

    question is: can it be read as bike or bicycle?

    I know, this is Prince getting cherrypopped, so very likely very young (cos after all, his sister must've broken him in too at some stage (cf 'Sister') - was that before or after the bike incident?, cf 'my sister was 32 lovely and loose'). Which means extremely unlikely to have a motorbike license, which means it must be bicycle and hence QED a funky crime. I hope she was sitting sidesaddle.

  2. Haha I hope she was too. To be honest, I always had a memory of a cartoon Prince on a motorbike in the video but only see flashes of it on the youtube version. But I think your theory may be correct and Prince is a total deviant.