Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Wash Up: Record Store Day is today!

So, to celebrate Record Store Day, Sydney has put on its finest wet weather and gale force winds for the occasion. Despite the shiteous weather, I made it out to Redeye Records to pick up some new tunes. I have to confess that I am saving for an overseas trip so I have a weekly music budget and the days of going in and blowing $1000 on records is sadly behind me (for now). However, I decided to pick up a few things:

I think Let England Shake is definitely one of the best albums of the year and I'd been holding off getting a vinyl copy until after I got back from travelling overseas. Apparently, I couldn't wait although I was tossing up between this and a $20 copy of the new Low album.

By the time I got to Redeye, a lot of the Record Store Day exclusives had sold out but I decided to get this vinyl only Foo Fighters collection of covers, mainly to hear their take on Hüsker Dü and the Angry Samoans. The cover of Never Talking To You Again, is just Grohl solo strumming his guitar live somewhere - it's passable even if it is a Grant Hart song. That being said, they make a fair fist of Gas Chamber. I am yet to hear their covers of Wings and Gerry Rafferty...

I picked this album (Walk On, 1982) up on a whim just because it has a couple of tracks of Terry and McGhee with Lightnin' Hopkins so I thought I'd check it out. I also got to pick a free record from a bargain bin for buying music today and opted for a Bat For Lashes 12 inch.

If you're anywhere else in the world right now and Record Store Day is just dawning or happening, I'd urge you to head down to your independent record store and pick up some new music. Support these people because my local record store is like a community centre for record nerds and without it, where would they go? Think of the children, the displaced hipsters and the goateed guys with pony tails talking about Can and go and buy a frickin' record already.



  1. I went sniffing for vinyl at a church sale today, but got bogged down in endless Mantovani and Tijuana and Clayderman, but nearly dropped a dollar for a genuine Green Green Grass of Home / Jones cut. He looks very cold on the cover.

  2. Cold but sexy no doubt. Good old Tom, such a great voice.