Friday, April 22, 2011

Essential playlists: Good Friday

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod: Gibby Haynes describes the finer points of the bible especially the bit about "ding ding donga dong dong ding dong dingy dingy son of a gun."

The Dandy Warhols - Hard On for Jesus: I'm sure no one was ever offended by this song.

Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose: Rock stars don't know Jesus.

Sugar - JC Auto: Bob Mould rocks the fuck out of his persecution complex.

Spacemen 3 - Walkin' With Jesus: I'm sure the son of God would have appreciated hallucinogens.

Yes, I know I'm going straight to hell. Thanks for coming.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Say allo to those Spacemen on the way down. The world's net surplus of acid must be tipped in our favour again now.

  2. Nah man, they're taking it all with them.

  3. I think Cathal Coughlin will beat you to hell.
    Just be glad I didn't link to Shiny happy people.

  4. Thanks for the link - all the best rock stars will be in hell.