Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrity to-do list

A lot of people I know have this recurring discussion about a mythical list of celebrities who they would sleep with. Essentially, it goes that if Friend A met George Clooney, s/he would be allowed to sleep with them (regardless of their relationship status) because come on, it's George frickin' Clooney or whoever the celebrity of choice might be. It's kind of like fantasy football except it's more like the fantasy celebrity to-do list.

I often struggle in these conversations because I'm a little bit English and don't particularly put much thought into who'd I'd totally bang if I got the chance. Strangely, my celebrity to-do list is pretty sedate which is a constant source of disappointment for my friends when these conversations arise. You see I'd much prefer to go dog walking with Neko Case and have a good chat about music. Conversely, rather than turning gay for Josh Homme or Bob Mould, I'd prefer to go vinyl shopping with Josh and go out to dinner with Bob. Maybe I should be dreaming a little bigger?

Sure, I think people are cute but when it comes to celebrities (or in my case, musicians who I'm far more interested in), even though I'm moved by them on many different emotional levels, I imagine any real life interaction would be far more intellectual than carnal. Really, I just want a cup of tea and a good chat.

Except for Bret Michaels, I'd totally go there. I mean, Rock of Love, come on!


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