Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is it ok?

I tend to just like music instinctively and don't give fuck whether it's fashionable or not. Credibility and worrying whether other people will look down on your music taste is a mug's game - let the hipsters fret over such things. However, there is one band where I feel a little uneasy about liking and that's the Foo Fighters.

I have no logical reason for this. I think in the spectrum of pop-rock, they're not a great albums band but they release some pretty good singles which are catchy and fulfill their purpose. Apart from One by One - I don't think I've really been captivated by an entire FF album but their Greatest Hits album is a blast from go to whoa (except that new song that sounds like bad Tom Petty). Anyhow, Dave Grohl seems like a nice guy - I love his drumming in Queens, Nirvana and the Vultures and FF seem like a pretty solid outfit devoid of the posing and artifice that goes with bands of that genre. So why the unease? Is it ok to like them? Why do I even care?

I'm not one of those guy's who thinks that Grohl is some grunge Phil Collins and while his songs aren't earth shattering, they're good fun. He seems to be living this pretty awesome life where he's got to play with his heroes (JPJ, McCartney, Mould, LEMMY, etc) as well as play with some great artists (Cobain, Homme, Reznor, Cat Power etc...). So the only thing I can think is maybe I'm totally jealous of Grohl - being able to play with all these amazing people and his excellent drumming prowess. Maybe, that's why I can't fully love the FF. I'm just a sad bitter little man (that's a given)... or maybe they're a little bit lame. Whatever, I like it.

Updated: Dave Grohl totally rules.


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