Thursday, March 17, 2011

The vagaries of Last FM Part 2

Hmmm if I asked you what the band Sugar looked like, do you think it would look like three dour American punks?

or four cutesy Korean girls?

Do you think the Herd are a hip hop collective from Sydney?

or do you think it's an early band Peter Frampton played in?

The answer is that those bands share their names which is not a big problem until the fans of both bands need to interact. I've written before about how I use Last FM, a service that keeps a tally of your listening habits. Well, one thing about Last FM is that it is not sensitive to bands which have the same name. As each band has their own page, fans unite in hatred in the comments section to fight for who is the undisputed rightful owner of the name and who should have their picture featured at the top of the page. As a music fan, I understand the passion but on the other hand, these people are fucking nuts.

In my mind, this decision is already decided by the number of plays a band receives in their charts. Whoever is the most popular wins the right to supremacy in name ownership - in this case Sugar (US) and the Herd (Aus). But that doesn't stop the fans of both bands taking pot shots at each other. Here's some examples of the ongoing war:

Bob Mould power punk trio versus Korean vixens - FIGHT!

Ah, it's the little things in life that make me happy. Voting down all the asian band photos that look like Final Fantasy cosplay and voting up Bob Mould. Thank you, interwebs.

oh wow, Bob Mould and crew or a visual kei outfit. how troubling. just vote for the Korean girls. they're cute.

Okey, noticed you use the word "shitty" like 30 times in your text. And there is no "brutal" with the Japanese band. But if "the deal" with your Sugar band is this Bob Mould guy, why didn't he form the band "the Bob Mould band" or a solo career "Bob Mould" instead? I'm not changing my tags... because, this wonderful Japanese band's name happen to be Sugar. I'm not stopping voting pictures either.

Like some random japanese band gives a fuck about some old english fart. I'm sorry that a picture is holding you back from trying to get a bigger e-penis or DESTROYING your pride and joy known as a page.

Nooo! Sugar is a korean girl band!! XD Not some sweaty man rock band. =_=

It goes on...

Australian Hip Hop collective versus Frampton pre-coming alive - FIGHT!

i love it when shitty, unoriginal artists of today use the name of good bands from the 60's and 70's. it's my favorite thing in the world. simpletons who can't come up with their own name deserve much success.

I want Peter Frampton's The Herd! A REAL The Herd. Not these australian hip-hop assholes.Wth?This name has been used by amazing classic rock band of 60s! Change your name and make another page,ignorant idiots!

No Idea what the hop hop group is like, but FFS they should have been more original when choosing a name.

peter frampton cant rap for shit

The neverending battle for supremacy goes on and on and on and on and on....


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